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Neko Bento | Sampler Bento Box

Neko Bento | Sampler Bento Box


An assortment of goodies in a colorful bento box.  For the feline who must try everything.  Includes:  1 Chocolate Brownie Bite, 1/2 order of Sour Whiskers, 1/2 order of Fishies, and 3 .5gm Pre-Rolls (Black Majic, Cat-a-tonic, Luna + Artemis).


Brownies are baked to order.  Please allow an additional 90 minutes for delivery.  Brownies contain dairy and may contain a trace amount of nuts.


A few things to remember when caring for your MAJIC Catpoop.  Our Majic Catpoop is baked fresh to order, so when it arrives it will be soft, chewy and delicious.  Our Catpoop can stay fresh in its container for 3-4 days.  Refrigeration will extend its fresh to about 7-10 days; and freezing will sustain its fresh for 2-3 months.  When removing from either the fridge or freezer always remember to let the Catpoop rise to room temperature.  This usually takes about 30 minutes for refrigeration and about 90 minutes for frozen.  Catpoop will always bring joy to taste buds.  Meow.

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