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MAJIC MEOWS, herein referred to as “MEOWS,” is dedicated to purrviding the highest quality cannabis and cannabis products.  We ask that our Members please adhere (as best a feline can) to the following guidelines.




  1. You must have a valid California ID or Driver License, Passport, Out of State ID or Driver License, or a State Medical Marijuana Identification Card at the time of registration and for continued access to our Membership Services.  You will also need an original copy of your doctor’s recommendation if you are a Medical Patient.

  2. You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age (Medical) or 21 years of age (Recreational) to qualify for Membership (or roughly 1.3 or 1.6 cat years).

  3. By signing this Membership Pawlicy you authorize MEOWS to prescribe cannabis for recreational or medical use, as approved by either yourself or your physician.

  4. You may never sell or otherwise distribute medication you obtain from MEOWS.

  5. Once you are a Member we ask that you practice a “Good Cat Neighbor Policy” by acting house trained and not feral, in other words, please act responsibly; MEOWS is not liable for any incidents or injuries while using our products.

  6. Majic Meows reserves the right to refuse service or revoke Membership to Members who (egregiously) violate our guidelines.


I have read and understand the above Majic Meows Membership Pawlicy, and agree to abide by these conditions as a MAJIC MEOWS MEMBER.

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